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China Trademark Challenges Amid Geopolitical Uncertainties

China Trademarks and Global Political Conflicts Russia’s War and Its Impact on China Brands Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlights the brand risks international companies face when geopolitical conflicts force a market exit. Many companies that left Russia found their trademarks being used without their consent, leading to a devaluation of their brand. In particular, the

Moving your manufacturing from China to Mexico
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How to Use Mexico Shelter Manufacturing to Replace Your China Manufacturing

Mexico versus China for Manufacturing A growing number of companies manufacturing in China are looking to move their manufacturing out of China entirely or to reduce their footprint there by adding manufacturing elsewhere. The choice of manufacturing location can profoundly impact cost-effectiveness, logistical efficiency, and overall competitiveness. This post focuses on the transition from manufacturing

How to reduce your China factory prices
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How to Safely Reduce Your China Product Prices Because NOW is the Time

July 12, 2023, Update I almost never update and re-run a blog post, but this will be the second time I have done so with this one, which shows how relevant, yet ever-changing the issue of China factory pricing is — especially since I updated it only about a month ago. Since I wrote this

China foreigner and dual national arrest risk
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How to Assess Your Personal China Risks

With the recent slew of foreigner arrests in China for what many assume to be political reasons, the number of clients asking me about the risks to their employees in China has soared. This post is meant to help quantify the arrest/seizure risks to foreigners in China. 1. China as One Giant Casino In How

Shutting down a China WFOE
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How To Close A China WFOE

1. Foreign Companies Are Leaving China Foreign companies are tiring of the difficulties and the risks that come from doing business in China. Not surpisingly, our China lawyers have been getting a ton of questions on how to close a China WFOE. It is difficult and time-consuming to form a WFOE in China. As you

Shutting down your China WFOE
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China WFOE Shutdowns: Fast or Legal?

A while back (I am being intentionally vague here to avoid identifying anyone) a U.S. client company contacted our China lawyers about shutting down its China WFOE and/or terminating all of its roughly 47 China employees in one fell swoop. The U.S. company had discovered rampant corruption among its employees and its CEO wanted the

Doing business in China
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China’s Relations With the West: Straight Line Decline

There are those who believe China’s ongoing Party Congress will bode well for companies that do business in or with China. I am firmly convinced that the opposite is true and that it will used as yet another opportunity by China to show that it will not be cowered by the declining relations and sanctions/counter-sanctions between the United States / EU / Australia / Japan on the one hand, and China on the other. I see China using this Congress to let the world (domestic and external) know that it fully intends to fight back and fight back hard.

In other words, this Party Congress will lead to China’s decoupling from much of the world accelerating, not slowing down. 

Russia's War and China impacts
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Russia’s War Will Impact Your China Business

Russia’s war will impact your China business. We live in an interconnected world and what is happening with Ukraine will impact doing business with China. It’s just a question of how and by how much. In this post and in its follow-up post, I will discuss how Russia’s war against Ukraine is likely to impact doing business in and with China and what you can do to try to minimize that impact.