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Ketamine Ventures: The Strictest Corporate Practice of Medicine States

Certain states are better than others when it comes to lucrative ketamine ventures. Whether you’re a physician looking to open a clinic in the space, or if you’re a third party lay person or entity looking to fund or manage such a practice, you need to be on the look-out for states with strict corporate

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Ketamine Clinics and the DEA

Recently, we’ve been writing about ketamine-infusion clinics, which are increasingly popping up across the country (see a list of our past coverage at the end of this post). Over the coming weeks, we’ll dive deeper into individual laws and regulations governing clinics. Today, we focus on some of the high-level requirements of the Drug Enforcement

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Ketamine Management Services Organizations (MSOs): The California Puzzle

Our law firm has seen an uptick in ketamine clients lately. And it’s no surprise as the drug picks up considerable speed with its off-label infusion applications for a slew of serious ailments, including depression and mood disorders. We’ve also been handling several M&A deals around ketamine clinics and the management companies that serve them.