They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CXXXVII

Cannabis nation

And we could certainly use a big dose of healing right now. We wrote two weeks ago on how our country is divided in the aftermath of the presidential election, but also that 8 of 9 states voted to legalize marijuana in some capacity, making cannabis the true winner of the election. We also wrote how future Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a notorious cannabis hater (among other things), called those who use marijuana “bad people.”

Can cannabis, the true winner of the election, really become the healing of our nation, especially when at least one person set to take on an important role in the new administration views those who consume as immoral?

Either way, we who believe in legalization must not relent. Cannabis needs to be legalized for everyone, and for so many reasons. For freedom of choice, for medicinal purposes for those who need it, to terminate the racist, classist and yet wildly ineffective War on Drugs, for tax revenues to help remedy so much of what is failing, and to help weaken the drug cartels.

With legalization, the United States could at least make some healing steps. We cannot give up the fight.

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