They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CXXXIX

California cannabis

California Lt. Governor Newsom is right. Though Attorney General-Elect Sessions preposterously declares that marijuana smokers are “bad people,” that does not mean the majorities who voted for legalization will accept such absurdity. Marijuana won in so many states this past election not because of an upswing in either liberal or conservative voters (we’ve written multiple times on how cannabis is not a partisan issue) but because people all across the political spectrum see its value and want to increase access to it. Though Jeff Sessions of course has tremendous legal power, he does not have the power to change the minds of over half the country, nor the power turn back the clock on cannabis in California or elsewhere, if there is strong push-back. We’ve come as far as we have with marijuana legalization because that is what the people want. Cannabis is the will of the people and no one in any office can negate or destroy that so long as we do not just let them.

We can’t let outdated views like Sessions’ derail the decades of hard work that have generated our recent cannabis freedoms. We have to keep fighting and pushing forward.

We must and we will. Who is with us on this?

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