They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CXXVIII

Cannabis and creativity

Last week we discussed how many, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, use cannabis to aid their creative processes. Here, poet Allen Ginsberg states how marijuana helped him better “apprehend” music. Ginsberg was known for using marijuana, discussing it in his writing, and advocating for its legalization. In his poem “America,” he writes: “I smoke marijuana every chance I get,” and in the 1960s, he organized the New York chapter of LeMar (short for “Legalize Marijuana”).

Ginsberg is certainly not the only writer known for using and writing about cannabis We previously quoted Kurt Vonnegut, who talked of how marijuana alleviated stress and boredom and thereby helped his writing. There are countless other great writers who consumed cannabis and we plan to write about many of them over the next few weeks.

What about you? Who are your favorite pot smoking authors? Does cannabis help you better apprehend or appreciate music, art, or writing? How has it changed your thinking? And, like Ginsberg, do those apprehensions remain when you aren’t high?

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