They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CXLII


Despite our strong dislike of Jeff Sessions’ views on cannabis, he actually makes a very good point here. It is indeed a concern that Congress has made the possession and distribution of marijuana an illegal act, as that is definitely not something “desired any longer.” With over half the country supporting legalization of recreational marijuana and far more people favoring legalizing medical marijuana, what’s truly criminal is maintaining our outdated and undesired federal cannabis laws. Why continue playing games by saying it’s illegal, but we as the federal government will not fund certain enforcement actions? Why keep laws that have become irrelevant and unwanted? Weak, unpopular and unenforced laws weaken the concept of law as a whole.

As Sessions essentially says, Congress should get off the pot and “pass the law to change the rule.” It is time and just about everybody would benefit.

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