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Is Cannabis Inflation Proof?

Inflation has been dominating the headlines lately. Prices for gasoline, food (e.g., beef, bacon, eggs), used cars and many other items have spiked over the past year. It seems like there is always breaking news of the latest shortages – baby formula, tampons, eggs, semiconductors, sriracha, lumber, bicycles, etc. Cannabis, however, has seemingly been immune

los angeles cannabis retail license lottery
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LA Cannabis Licensing: Retail Round Two is Here!

After many delays, controversies, and changes to the regulations, Los Angeles is getting closer to opening its second (and last) round of retail licensing. Based on the timeline laid out by the LA Cannabis Regulations, Retail Round Two will open either around the end of 2022 or sometime in early 2023. This round will be

hemp litigation
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Hemp Litigation: Pre-Lawsuit Options

When issues arise, many people think filing a lawsuit is the answer. That will initiate the litigation process, which will most likely involve an exchange of information and documents, the process of taking depositions, and probably some motion practice along the way.  While in some cases it certainly is, we typically counsel new clients (and

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Oregon Cannabis: Beware the Services Agreement

Services agreements are a problem in the Oregon cannabis industry. These agreements have been around since at least 2016, when our office and at least one other law firm developed early templates in consultation with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (“OLCC”). That form was called a “management agreement” and you will see them referred

cannabis purchase order financing
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Cannabis Purchase Order Financing

Cannabis purchase order financing is gaining speed in the industry. Because of robust state regulation, high operational costs, high taxes, and the federal illegality of marijuana, a lot of cannabis businesses struggle financially in their day to day business operations. Approaches to this problem takes various shapes and forms across the industry. There are threats

Diversity jurisdiction
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Cannabis Securities Litigation: SDNY Dismisses Fraud Case Arising from Canadian IPO

One of the cannabis litigation trends we discussed in a recent webinar was the increasing number of lawsuits alleging some type of fraud by cannabis companies during the capital-raise phase of their businesses.  For most businesspeople, raising capital to fund their new business is essential. Just as essential is making sure that you comply with

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ICYMI: More Changes to City of Los Angeles Cannabis Laws and Regulations

The City of L.A. has had no shortage of tweaks and changes to its cannabis laws and regulations over the past four years. Admirably, as industry issues have arisen, the City and its Department of Cannabis Regulation (“DCR“) have tried to keep pace. At times though, that pace has been glacial much to the chagrin

Facebookv.Duguid TCPALitigation
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Breaking News – Facebook v. Duguid: Is this the End of TCPA Litigation?

The Facebook v. Duguid Supreme Court decision is here: “To qualify as an ‘automatic telephone dialing system’ under the TCPA, a device must have the capacity either to store a telephone number using a random or sequential number generator, or to produce a telephone number using a random or sequential number generator.” Let’s back up.

suing you DEA research cannabis
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DEA Hit With ANOTHER Lawsuit From Scientists Seeking to Research Cannabis

On December 3, 2020, MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) issued a press release regarding a lawsuit filed against the DEA and the Attorney General to “compel issuance of licenses to manufacture marijuana for clinical trials and potential FDA approval.” We have written about MAPS and its 35 years of advocacy and engagement with

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Hemp Litigation: DEA Sued Again

The Canna Law Blog has been writing about the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) interim final rule (IFR) on hemp since its August publication in the Federal Register: Watch Out! The DEA Just Passed a BAD Interim Rule Impacting Hemp CBD and Other Cannabinoids The DEA Does Not Want You To Worry About Its New Hemp