Cannabis Loans and Investments | The Webinar Replay 

If you missed our February 2024 “Cannabis Loans and Investments” Webinar, we have published a full recording and transcript here.

Harris Sliwoski partners Vince Sliwoski, Griffen Thorne, and Aaron Pelley focused on a constellation of important factors for both cannabis industry investors and businesses in 2024:

  • What the increase in open state markets means for business and investments today;
  • Current high interest rates and downward projections in the macroeconomic environment;
  • Potential impacts of the proposed re-scheduling of marijuana to Schedule III for struggling cannabis businesses, potentially increasing margins;
  • The intricacies of the cannabis financial landscape;
  • Risk management, navigating lending complexities, and capitalizing on investment opportunities;
  • Regulatory challenges and navigating the cannabis industry with secure financial strategies.


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