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On the Importance of China Mold Ownership and Protection Agreements

China’s Evolving Manufacturing Landscape Rising geopolitical uncertainties around China have transformed the landscape of Chinese manufacturing and IP asset protection. This post examines the escalating challenges faced by Western enterprises, and provides steps companies should take to safeguard their products and intellectual property from increasingly desperate Chinese factories. It focuses on essential, yet frequently undervalued, mold

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Five Reasons Written Contracts Beat Handshake Deals

One of the best insurance policies a cannabis business can get is a written contract. Paying a lawyer a little bit up front can save hundreds of thousands when things go south. A lot of folks in the cannabis industry are still doing deals on a handshake basis (you can see some of our older

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Navigating China’s Evolving Legal Landscape: A 10-Point Checklist for Foreign Businesses

A China Legal Checklist for Foreign Businesses This post examines ten key legal areas that often present hurdles for foreign companies in China. Most importantly, it provides basic and concrete recommendations on how to deal with China’s legal landscape and avoid costly missteps. Mastering compliance across the following ten critical domains is essential for foreign

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Drafting China Dispute Resolution Clauses that Work

China Dispute Resolution Clauses The dispute resolution clause in your international contract can dictate the ease, cost, and effectiveness of resolving disagreements. This post addresses a specific case where my law firm’s China lawyers were tasked with reviewing a China supplier contract for a client, and in doing so, shed light on dispute resolution clauses.

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China Employment Documents: The 101

China Employment Documents Let’s face it, navigating China’s employment laws and regulations is challenging. From stringent contract requirements to unusual policies on probation periods, vacation time and more, understanding and adhering to China’s local employment practices is pivotal yet complex. This article provides foreign employers an in-depth guide on effectively creating employment documentation in China.

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Collecting on Judgments Against Chinese Companies

Collecting Judgments Against China: Navigating Bilateral Treaties, US Judgments, and International Conventions In today’s globalized economy, businesses frequently find themselves in transactions spanning multiple countries, with inherent risks of international disputes. When disputes arise with Chinese entities, understanding the process of enforcing and collecting judgments against Chinese companies becomes crucial. China’s unique legal landscape, coupled

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California Gives Up on the Illegal Cannabis Market: An Update

At the beginning of the summer, I wrote a post entitled “California Gives Up on the Illegal Cannabis Market” in which I went into detail about the state’s failure to meaningfully address the festering illegal market. More recently, I wrote about “Another California Cannabis Enforcement Program That Won’t Work.” As the name suggests, this post was

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The Key Components of International Manufacturing Contracts

International Manufacturing Contracts Strong country-specific contracts are essential for international manufacturing success. But poorly drafted agreements lead to millions lost annually in production delays, quality issues and intellectual property theft. Our international manufacturing lawyers field these frustrating calls daily. Nearly every day, our firm’s international manufacturing lawyers are approached by companies from the Americas, Europe,

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Drafting Your China Arbitration Clause

China Arbitration This post offers hands-on advice for crafting arbitration clauses in contracts with Chinese entities Chinese firms, particularly State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) where the government holds substantial control, typically resist signing contracts unless they provide for disputes to be resolved within China. Depending on the circumstances, seeking resolution in a Chinese court might be favorable,

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The 101 on U.S. Notarizations in China for Expats

U.S. Notarizations in China Every so often, one of our lawyers in the United States or in China gets contacted by an expat asking about obtaining a U.S. notarization. We provide this service to our clients in the United States for free but flying all the way to the United States just for a notarization usually