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Is Cannabis Legal in Oregon?

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Oregon Cannabis Legality

Understanding the cannabis laws in your state can help you decide whether you can open a cannabis business. Learn more about Oregon’s regulations below and how obtaining legal assistance can help your company succeed.

The Legal Status of Cannabis in Oregon

Oregon has fully legalized cannabis use for recreational and medical purposes. Any person 21 or older can buy, possess, and use cannabis in the state. Those who seek cannabis for medical reasons can apply for a medical cannabis card so long as they’re at least 18.

The amount of cannabis you can possess and use depends on whether you’re in public or private. The general amounts are 1 ounce of dried cannabis flower in public and 8 ounces of dried cannabis flower in private.

Those who violate the state’s possession laws are subject to certain penalties. The state also outlines some penalties regarding delivery, manufacturing, distribution, cultivation, hash and concentrates, and more. It’s illegal to operate a motor vehicle when under the influence of cannabis.

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Is Medical Cannabis Legal in Oregon?

Yes, medical cannabis is legal in Oregon. If you’re a qualifying patient who’s 18 years or older and live in Oregon, you can apply for a medical cannabis card after receiving approval from your physician. While you can cultivate cannabis for personal use in Oregon, patients can also purchase medical cannabis from licensed dispensaries.

Is Cannabis Decriminalized in Oregon?

Yes, cannabis is decriminalized in Oregon. The term “decriminalization” means to reduce the criminal offenses associated with cannabis possession. If cannabis is fully legal in a state, it’s inherently decriminalized.

Can You Smoke Cannabis in Public in Oregon?

While you can possess small amounts of cannabis in public in Oregon, you’re not legally allowed to use it in public. People 21 or older can use cannabis on private properties. However, note that landlords can ban the use of cannabis on their properties.

Need Help With Cannabis Laws? Contact Us

Harris Sliwoski has deep expertise with cannabis laws and regulations. In fact, our attorneys have worked with cannabis businesses in Oregon since 2011. If you’re looking for professional legal counsel to help you grow your cannabis company in Oregon, contact us today to get in touch with our team!

Can You Grow Cannabis in Oregon?

Yes, Oregonians can cultivate cannabis for personal and, if licensed, commercial use.

Personal Cannabis Growth

Every household is limited to cultivating four cannabis plants, no matter how many people 21 or older live in the residence. While you can grow cannabis and gift it to friends or family, you’re not allowed to transport it out of the state or country as cannabis remains illegal under federal law.

Commercial Cannabis Growth

Do you want to cultivate cannabis for commercial purposes, such as for selling to Oregon dispensaries? Before you open your business, you must obtain the correct license. If you’re unsure where to begin or have other questions about commercial cannabis in Oregon, consider reaching out to a law firm with cannabis expertise like Harris Sliwoski.

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Oregon?

The Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp growth federally in 2018, and Oregon allows for the sale of CBD products.

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