Webinar: Challenges of Sourcing 5 Key Industrial Components in Mexico featuring Fred Rocafort

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Join Harris Sliwoski attorney Fred Rocafort for a discussion hosted by East West Associates that will address the challenges of sourcing these 5 key industrial components from Mexico:

  1. Aluminum extrusion
  2. Castings & machined parts
  3. Forgings
  4. Metal stampings & Fabrication
  5. Injection molded & extruded plastics

East West Associates will lead a Roundtable Discussion with senior executives to specifically address the challenges of sourcing these 5 key industrial components in Mexico.

Companies continue to establish supply chain networks & manufacturing in Mexico. However, there remain real challenges to sourcing in Mexico these 5 key industrial components. Mexican vendors are overwhelmed by the large number of companies trying to diversify their supply chain. As a result, they are often not responding to requests for quotes or are providing extremely high quotes to see if a potential customer would accept it.

Additionally, Mexico is not China – it does not have the substantial number of multiple suppliers. Thus, there remain certain products which are less expensive to source in China, despite the high logistical costs and increasing operational costs in China.

East West Associates has gathered seasoned executives to address these sourcing issues in a Roundtable Discussion.

Gary Trzcianka, President, Scojet, Inc. – U.S.

  • U.S. – based product design, precision machining & manufacturing company
  • Products include castings, control cables, headlights, plastic injection molds

Carlos Flores – Mexico

  • Former senior executive for Tata International, Intermetco, Tekmet International & Brooks Automation
  • Product sourcing experience in specialty steel, tubing, plating, machined parts, electronics, sheet metal, plastics & pressure vessels

Roundtable Discussion topics will include:

  • Which components have a solid, established supplier base in Mexico? Conversely, which products are currently more competitive in China?
  • What are the challenges for manufacturers establishing a supply chain network in Mexico?
  • For a company familiar with sourcing from China/Asia, what are a few of the key differences to keep in mind when looking to establish a supplier base in Mexico?
  • How does Mexican freight costs compare to US and Chinese suppliers? What are predictable lead times in Mexico?
  • What are some of the advantages of Mexico for manufacturers looking to set up operations?
  • And the disadvantages – what most surprises companies looking to source or set up operations in Mexico?

This Roundtable Discussion will allow for registrants to pose questions to the speakers in a full Q&A session.

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