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Maximizing California Court Success Through Rule Mastery

The Court Rules are Everything For lawyers, adherence to rules is paramount. Attorneys thrive on structure, order, and, you guessed it, rules. But here’s the thing: being a good attorney isn’t just about knowing the rules; it’s about using them to help our clients succeed. That’s where the real lawyering happens. Great attorneys go beyond

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Deepfakes and the Legal Avenues to Combat Them

Deepfakes — sophisticated AI-generated videos capable of seamlessly grafting a person’s face and voice onto another body — are stark examples of the challenges faced with AI technologies. Deepfakes are hyper-realistic fabrications that blur the lines between truth and fiction, presenting a formidable threat in the realm of misinformation. Deepfakes also have political implications, painting

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Welcome to the Jungle: The Rise of the Paper Tiger and Aggressive Litigation Tactics

Lawyers Are Becoming Less Civil In the world of litigation, the rise of what I’ve come to call the “paper tiger” has become increasingly prevalent. California Rule of Court 9.7 requires all attorneys to conduct themselves with dignity, courtesy, and integrity, and most states have similar ethical standards in place. The American Bar Association’s Model

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Essential Strategies for Business Litigation Success

Business Litigation Strategies Business litigation is like a high-stakes chess game. Success hinges on your ability to make quick decisions, thoroughly evaluate the case, and adapt your strategy on the fly. This blog post will equip you, the attorney, with the essential tools to navigate the complexities of business litigation and achieve optimal results for

Litigation is like basketball and litigators are the players


March Madness and The Litigation Journey March Madness. The Sweet Sixteen. The Elite Eight. The Final Four. All of these taglines refer to the NCAA College Men’s Basketball tournament, played in March, that sees a field of 64 teams whittled down to one final game to determine the winner, the National Champion.  So, what does

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Preparing Witnesses for Testimony

Witness Preparation One of the most important jobs for a litigator is preparing a witness to testify. Testimony can take place in a deposition or in front of a judge or jury. Witnesses can be lay or expert witnesses. These distinctions make little difference when preparing someone to testify. The important issue is making sure

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Expert Witnesses 101

As most litigators would tell a client, choosing the right expert in litigation can be the difference between winning and losing. I have litigated many cases and I have seen first-hand how picking the right or wrong expert can have an incredible impact on the outcome of the case. Litigators often say that a case

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How Diverse is Diversity? An Overview of Federal Court Diversity Jurisdiction

Federal Court Diversity Jurisdiction Understanding the intricacies of federal court jurisdiction is crucial for law students, practicing attorneys, and litigants alike. One of the foundational concepts in this area is diversity jurisdiction, a key component of federal court proceedings. This blog post aims to demystify the complexities of diversity jurisdiction as outlined in 28 U.S.C.