Kristin Westphal

Kristin is a versatile litigator with a depth of legal experience gained from spending time in the trenches and taking cases to trial. Having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in corporate, business, construction, intellectual property and trademark litigation, she has a deep understanding of her clients’ legal needs and an uncanny ability to see around corners. As a creative problem solver and zealous advocate, Kristin is focused on obtaining the best possible outcome for each client.

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Maximizing California Court Success Through Rule Mastery

The Court Rules are Everything For lawyers, adherence to rules is paramount. Attorneys thrive on structure, order, and, you guessed it, rules. But here’s the thing: being a good attorney isn’t just about knowing the rules; it’s about using them to help our clients succeed. That’s where the real lawyering happens. Great attorneys go beyond

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Welcome to the Jungle: The Rise of the Paper Tiger and Aggressive Litigation Tactics

Lawyers Are Becoming Less Civil In the world of litigation, the rise of what I’ve come to call the “paper tiger” has become increasingly prevalent. California Rule of Court 9.7 requires all attorneys to conduct themselves with dignity, courtesy, and integrity, and most states have similar ethical standards in place. The American Bar Association’s Model

Litigation is like basketball and litigators are the players


March Madness and The Litigation Journey March Madness. The Sweet Sixteen. The Elite Eight. The Final Four. All of these taglines refer to the NCAA College Men’s Basketball tournament, played in March, that sees a field of 64 teams whittled down to one final game to determine the winner, the National Champion.  So, what does

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Evidence Preservation 101: Don’t Let the Delete Button Win!

Stop. Do not hit delete. When a dispute might lead to litigation, it is crucial to press pause on the delete button and press save instead. In California, the duty to preserve evidence triggers when a party reasonably should know of its relevance. There is nothing worse than having to explain in the middle of