Elijah Hartman

Elijah is a business, intellectual property, entertainment, and litigation attorney. A collaborative team member and keen negotiator, he helps businesses navigate complex problems with simple and straightforward solutions. Whether working hands-on with clients to develop and protect their brands, or spearheading a novel legal matter, Elijah is dedicated to crafting meaningful and lasting legal solutions for his clients.

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How AI is Revolutionizing the Practice of Law

Artificial Intelligence and the Law Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents attorneys with an opportunity to evolve as legal practitioners, to increase efficiency, to expand abilities, and to transform the delivery of legal services—making them faster and more cost effective for clients. That is of course, if you can master the technology and learn how to

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Launching Your Startup – An Introductory Guide

Navigating The Startup Landscape As an attorney who focuses on business and intellectual property (IP), I have had the opportunity to work with many startups that were seeking to bring their ideas to the world. Moving from an idea to a finished product can be a daunting prospect for any startup, however, it doesn’t have

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Unlocking Opportunities through Intellectual Property Licensing

IP Licensing Intellectual Property (“IP”) licensing opens doors for businesses to spread their wings, expand their revenue streams, and introduce new products to the market. This licensing is the granting of a right to use IP while retaining ownership of it. Through licensing, companies can venture into new territories not otherwise possible. Though the benefits