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Letter Shows Feds are Gearing Up for Psychedelic Drug Approvals

A recently published letter (“Letter”) indicates that the Biden administration is preparing for the approval of psychedelic drugs and MDMA to treat mental illness and PTSD. This type of federal agency correspondence would have been unimaginable five or six years ago. Things are changing fast! There are well-known potential health benefits of MDMA and psychedelics

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Oregon Psilocybin: Which Cities and Counties Are In?

In November 2020, Oregon voters passed Measure 109, which directs the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to license and regulate the manufacture, delivery, sale, and administration of psilocybin. Licensing is set to kick off in early 2023. Things remain on track. We’ve written a lot about Measure 109 here on the Psychedelics Law Blog, including: 1)

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Open Psilocybin Sales in Vancouver, B.C.

Over the past few years, access to mushrooms containing psilocybin has become much easier in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There are now four dispensaries that sell psilocybin mushrooms in the city, including two locations downtown, one located on Commercial Drive, and one located on the Downtown Eastside. The prevalence of these dispensaries has made it

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The Oregon Psilocybin Social Equity Bill

In late January, the Oregon state legislature filed a pre-session, psilocybin social equity bill to supplement the state’s groundbreaking Measure 109 program. That legislation is new Senate Bill 1580, sponsored by ten Democratic state lawmakers. Its first public hearing was yesterday and it goes to Senate work session tomorrow. Oregon’s New Legal Psilocybin Program This

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MDMA (Ecstasy) Nears FDA Approval for PTSD Treatment

Efforts by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) to legalize prescription MDMA (Ecstasy) appear to have passed a gigantic hurdle earlier this month: MDMA is on track to meet the testing requirements to be a legalized prescription drug, specifically intended to treat the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). After analyzing the preliminary results