Hamas Murderers and Terrorists
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Has China Shirked its Obligation to its Citizen Kidnapped by Hamas?

Noa Argamani is one of the hostages seized by Hamas and a video of her abduction has been circulated worldwide. Though Noa grew up in Israel, her mother was born and raised in China. Her parents have embarked on a public relations campaign to highlight Noa’s Chinese background. The family believes that given the long-standing

China Sinosure how to fight back
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China Sinosure as Existential Threat

In this post, we explain what Sinosure is, how Sinosure works, what causes Sinosure to put foreign companies in its crosshairs, why Sinosure is so dangerous, and, how to fight back and win against it.

China Hostage lawyers
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Meng Wenzhou, the Two Michaels and China Hostage Taking: What YOU Need to Know

About a year ago, I spoke at a Berkeley Law School class regarding hostage taking in China. I presume I was brought on to speak about this because I helped Professor Chris Carr write an academic article on hostage taking in China, Commercial Hostages: Local vs. Foreigner Business Disputes in China. At my Berkeley talk,

forced labor cannabis slavery marijuana
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Forced Labor and Cannabis

In recent weeks, I have spoken to several entrepreneurs interested in growing cannabis in Africa for exportation to the United States and other markets. It is not hard to see their attraction to the idea: The areas in question have suitable climates to grow cannabis, while inputs such as land and labor are relatively inexpensive.

Shutting down a China WFOE
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How to Prepare for the Worst in China and Why You Should

Not so long after the fall of the Soviet Union, I, along with others in my law firm, had to spend considerable amounts of time in fairly remote places in Russia — places like Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Things were very uncertain in that part of Russia back then, and we developed certain rules to

China Hostage lawyers
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Held Hostage in China: How to Make Like Carlos Ghosn and Escape

I’ve been somewhat surprised at how many emails our international lawyers have gotten regarding Carlos Ghosn’s Hollywood-like escape from Japan. Some — including journalists — have asked our views on what happened in Japan. We are getting these questions because we spent many years representing Sea Shepard in and against Japan, including helping out in

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The Right Way to Reduce Your China Product Costs

In China Factories Are Exporting Lower Prices Around the World, Bloomberg News wrote this week about something our internmational manufacturing lawyers have been seeing: Desperate Chinese factories are lowering their prices. Are all Chinese factories desperate? Absolutely not. Are all Chinese factories lowering their prices? Near as we can tell, a great many are, especially

China lawyers
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How to Leave China AND Survive

Not surprisingly, our China lawyers are seeing a massive increase in foreign companies seeking to reduce or eliminate their China ties. Many are seeking to terminate their relationship with their Chinese suppliers and move production elsewhere (so far, it’s been mostly to Vietnam, Taiwan, Poland, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, India and Malaysia). The other day I

international dispute resolution lawyers
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Why Changing China Suppliers is So Risky

Smart Chinese manufacturers know that with their costs rising, they need to be able to distinguish themselves from their peers. One of the ways they are choosing to do this (even more frequently than in the past) is by copying and selling products they are making for their foreign customers. See Your China Factory as

China Defamation law
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China Defamation Law – Based on a (Mostly) True Story

Making a biopic – a biographical movie about real people– is complicated. And one of the biggest concerns is liability for defamation. In an ideal world, filmmakers would get everyone depicted in the movie to sign a release. But that’s often impractical: people want too much money, too much control over how they are depicted,