The first part of this webinar will focus on the “leaving China” portion of this move. In this segment, Dan Harris, who has beenh helping companies navigate China for nearly twenty years, will focus on the following:

• How to announce that your company will be leaving China, and, more importantly, how to keep your mouth shut about this.
• How to protect your IP before you leave China
• How to protect the physical safety of your people in China
• How to leave China while still getting your parts and components from Chinat
• How to protect your company and your company’s assets before you leave China.
• The other legal issues you must deal with when leaving China

In the second part of this webinar, Robert Kossick, an international trade lawyer and longtime Mexico hand, will unpack the opportunities and challenges of nearshoring to Mexico.

Join our two panelists as they  lay out the challenges of leaving China for Mexico and the pros and cons of nearshoring to Mexico. This webinar will provide you with the operational and legal insights you need to objectively assess such a move.

After first discussing the drivers, operational variability, and status of the current wave of nearshoring to Mexico, Robert will discuss the following mission-critical considerations for Mexico manufacturing:
• Labor issues
• Manufacturing base and supply chain issues
• Logistics and customs clearance issues
• Mexico’s trade and investment framework

If your company is considering leaving China and/or going into Mexico (or really just about anywhere else in Latin America), this free webinar is for you so click here and sign up now.