Two (FREE) November 8 Webinars: Mexico and Energy Supply Chains

On November 8, we will be putting on two webinars.

Our first webinar will be on energy supply chain trends and challenges. Experts from Harris Sliwoski, BW Maritime Shipping, Breakthrough Fuel, and Trane will be discussing how to navigate disruptions like geopolitical conflicts, sustainability regulations, and pandemic aftershocks. You’ll learn how to analyze the impact of geopolitics on supply and demand, manage trade restrictions and sanctions compliance, capitalize on green energy opportunities, adapt transportation logistics, and ensure profitability amid nonstop change.

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Our second webinar, also on November 8th, is Part 4 of the free nine-part webinar series Navigating the Shift When Nearshoring to Mexico our law firm is co-hosting with This webinar series was designed to provide insight into the opportunities and challenges posed by nearshoring to Mexico. Tomorrow’s webinar will be a panel of legal and business experts discussing Mexico labor and employment issues. It will be moderated by Alberto Villareal and its panel will consist of Jessica Rifkin, Rogelio Vargas, Jose Ruiz, and Lourdes Quijas,

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